Charles and Frances Hunter

Charles & Frances Hunter's

7 Hours Power Pack video teaching and/or the 15 Hours complete video teachings

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How To Heal The Sick

Here you can purchase the 7 Hour Power Pack video teachings and/or the 15 hours complete video teaching.

Handbook for Healing

Charles and Frances Hunter teaches How To lay hands on the sick and see them recover in the name of Jesus.

Once you watch all 7 hours and/or the complete 15 hours video teachings and read the two books by Charles and Frances Hunter entitled, How To Heal The Sick and the book Handbook for Healing I will send you a signed certificate of completion. You will receive a certificate of completrion for each set that you complete. Charles and Frances signed certificates of completion while they were still with us so their signature will be in one place and my signature will be in the other place as the one that presented the material to you.

It cost only $25.00 to view the 7 hours and $35.00 to view the 15 hours set set on my website as per Frances' request. If you want both sets it will be $60.00 The fee is to help me pay for my web hosting to be able to put the videos on their for you to view.

For payment information send and email to: